Application range:

  • dental products
  • enamel and glasses
  • colouring and paints
  • refractory products
  • fibre glass
  • ceramic industries

Chemical properties:

SiO2> 98.5 Masse - %
Al2O30.15 Masse - %
Fe2O30.03 Masse - %
TiO20.03 Masse - %


SILVERBOND® is grinded silica sand from own querries with a purity of 98.5 masse-%.

Please see product page SILVERBOND®for detailed information.

REACh registration:

Minerals are excluded from the compulsory registration in accordance with the REACh regulation EEC No. 1907/2006, as far as they were not chemical modification. Our silica flour is not a chemical modification but a naturally existing mineral. Therefore it is not necessary to register our silica flour.