Whistleblower Policy

At EUROQUARZ, it is possible to contact an internal, outsourced and independent whistleblower portal in case of suspicion or knowledge of illegal or unethical actions and thus contribute to the detection of violations of rules.

It is possible to report misconduct by employees in our Group as well as by our suppliers and service providers with regard to possible violations of the law or actions that are harmful to the company, such as corruption, bribery, fraud, other criminal acts, child labor, slavery, lack of occupational safety, exploitation and discrimination.

The whistleblower does not suffer any disadvantage by making a report. Reports can be made in German and English.

Reports can also be made anonymously if desired.

WhistleFox whistleblower portal

If you have concrete, well-founded information about violations of law or rules at EUROQUARZ or suspect such violations, you have the following possibilities to contact us:

- Via web form:

- by telephone: +49 221 2052-547
- by fax: +49 221 2052-1
- by e-mail: c.schork@heuking.de

The trusted reporting office (WhistleFox) can be contacted around the clock by web form, e-mail, fax or mail and by telephone during normal office hours on weekdays.

Attorney-at-law Dr. Christoph Schork is available as contact person.

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek
z. Attention Dr. Christoph Schork
Magnus Street 13
D-50672 Cologne


In addition, there is the possibility of reporting to official external reporting offices. These are, for example:

  • the external reporting office of the federal government at the Federal Office of Justice;
  • external reporting offices of the respective federal state;
  • specific responsible external reporting offices, e.g. at the Federal Cartel Office.


Please note that the whistleblower system is not intended for complaints. If you are dissatisfied with regard to the products or services of EUROQUARZ, please contact your respective contact person in the company.

For notices under the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act, you can find further procedural information here:



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