Damp mixing

Damp mix

To produce high-performance building products powerful fillers and surcharges are required. This must be exactly matched to the use of the building material and evenly mixed. The quality of this mix makes the difference.

Even with wet mixing products EUROQUARZ highest quality requirements fulfilled with respect to the product specifications.  Specially a carefully constructed, maintained and documented exactly grading curve.

According to customer specifications EUROQUARZ mixtures various bulk materials and created EUROQUARZ-own quartz grains conform to the industry standards DIN EN 12620, EN 13139 and EN 13043.


Damp mix for high performance bulding products

  • Mixig according to customer specification
  • exact siving curve
  • abrasion resistant surcharges
  • homogeneous mixture
  • optimum reproducibility
  • DIN EN 12620, EN 13139 und EN 13043

The wet mixtures are prepared in EUROQUARZ plant Dorsten. Efficiency and versatility determine the dosing and mixing process. Both are guaranteed by the direct connection to the bulk storage. These consist of a flexible storage box system and are located on the open spaces of the factory premises. So EUROQUARZ holds a wide variety of bulk materials of different origins for special wet mixtures prepared.

The individual components are weighed batch by batch using calibrated scales (no band mix). EUROQUARZ documents the individual components, the mixing result and compliance with customer specified characteristics in a test report. The values are provided with minimum and maximum limits, so that the audit report as an enable criterion
is used for each batch.



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