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During the installation of dried silica sand into water filter, as artificial turf sand or as riding place sand will be accrue dust, because of the specific properties of bulk materials. The dust meanly accrues:


  • during pneumatically blow out form silo truck into an open tank or onto an open area
  • during pneumatically blow out from silo truck into a stand silo without spezial filter
  • during additional reload into other machines


It is possible to eliminate all of these 3 problems as follows:


  1. The material should be blown out into a normal stand silo which is provided with a special wet filter. Therefore a filter tube is attached to the silo if the filtering is made dry. Better than that (and more easy) is a wet filtering. For that a tube which ends into a 120 l water barrel is installed at the outlet of the stand silo. By doing this the dust is effective excluded.
  2. EUROQUARZ supplies special modified stand silos with an outlet valve which is 1.8 m above the floor by a width of 1.5 m. Thus the sand dispersing machine is able to drive directly down the stand silo. During the filling, the high of fall for the silica sand is very little, so the development of durst is minimal.

If it is possible to install the primary dry silica sand in addition with water, e.g. for golf courses (bunker) or in filter for drinking water treatment, the best procedure is to use an injector. Please see our special site “Unloading of abrasive products”. 



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