Filtersand & filtergravel

Filter sand and filter gravel AQUAGRAN®

Granulations for the treatment of drinking water, swimming pool water, wells and industrial water. AQUAGRAN® is classified according to EN 12904 (drinking water treatment). DIN 19643 (German norm for swimming pool water treatment) and DIN 4924 (building of wells).

AQUAGRAN_R_ - damp granulation

AQUAGRAN® - damp granulation

Available granulation in mm

Granulations from 0.4 mm up to 3.15 mm are only supplied as dried AQUAGRAN – other special granulations on request. Click on a red written granulation to enter the product data sheet.

AQUAGRAN_R_ - dry sizes according to EN 12904 and DIN 4924

AQUAGRAN® - dry sizes according to EN 12904 and DIN 4924


Available granulation in mm

Laboratory sieving according to EN 12904

Laboratory sieving according to DIN 4924

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