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Advices for installation of AQUAZIT® and CHLORAMIN-EX®

  1. Receiving inspection test of AQUAZIT® and CHLORAMIN-EX® before installation.

  2. Wetting the filter coal

    The pores of the AQUAZIT® and CHLORAMIN-EX® have to be wetted before the filter is taken be placed into operation. The air inside the granulations and small air bubbles outside has to be taken away. While the wetting the pH-value possible increases, because of an alkali reaction. It is not allowed to discharge the wash water into sees or rivers with a population of fishes, if the pH-value of the wash-water is higher than 8.5. The wetting minimum time is:

AQUAZIT®   appr. 48 h

appr. 48 h


  1. Steps to be done before regular operation

    After complete wetting of the filter coal undersized particles have to be removed. Using a mix of air and water to backwash the filter is best. Thus undersized particles (which are produced by smashing during the filling) are flushed to the top layer. Then it is necessary to peel off the undersized particles manual before starting the filter process.
  2. Steps to be done after regular operation

    During the fist two weeks of operation the filter should be back washed once a day in order to remove rests of undersized particles and scarify the filter lay. The pH-value in the filtrate has been controlled.

These advices are no instruction of installing; they are only a support for the handling of filter coal.



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