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Details for the installation of AQUAGRAN®

  1. Receiving inspection test of filter quartz according to EN 12904 / DIN 19643

    The suitability of the filter quartz according to EN 12904 / DIN 19623 has to be checked with delivery. 
  2. Filter bottom check The filter bottom has to be checked before the filter quartz will be installed.

    Therefore the filter has to be filled with approx. 30 cm water. Scavenging air has to be pressurised through the bottom of the filter. The efficient function is shown by the equal distribution of the bubbles.
  3. Installation of the supporting layer

    The first layer in a filter has to avoid a blending between the different silica sand and filter gravel layers by air pressure from the nozzles on the bottom of the filter. The first layer should be built in and planed manually, so that the filter won’t be damaged. Thus we suggest ordering the first layer in big bags or bagged cargo.

    After installation of the first layer the filter has to be filled with water (30 cm over the first layer) and then the filter bottom has to be controlled again in order to be sure that there is no damage.

    The further layers of supporting filter quartz can be installed directly out of a silo truck. We suggest using injection water for the installation. Please notice our advices “Unloading of abrasive products”. The tubes have to be fixed during the installation. Attend that the delivered filter quartz won’t be dispersed or admixed to the other layers during the installation.

    We strongly suggest flushing every layer one by one. The detrital quartz goes on top of each layer and can be peeled off manually.
  4. Installation of filter layers

    The fine filter quartz has to be installed layer by layer. Every layer has to be flushed with air and water and each top has to be peeled off.
  5. Installation in one layer filter

    In one layer filter the filter quartz should be installed in two steps. After each step the filter quartz has to be flushed and peeled off.

These details are not instructions of installing; they are only a support for the handling of filter quartz.



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