Service and downloads

Roadworthy loading of bulk material

As a service we load our bulk material according to the truck driver’s instructions.


The truck driver himself is responsible to

  • check the weight of the actual load, so that the permitted total weight and the permitted axle load limit of the truck won’t be exceeded
  • spread the bulk silica sand or quartz gravel on the loading area and in silo trucks respectively, so that the centre of gravity of the loading lies above the truck’s longitudinal axle
  • cover the bulk silica sand or quartz gravel with a tarpaulin when open trucks are used


To avoid overloading the trucks will be weight on the factories own scale before loading material (tare weight) and after loading material (gross weight).

In case of an overload we inform the truck driver and tell him an appropriate place to unload. The permitted axle load limit has to be checked again.