SILIMIX® quartz mix

SILIMIX® silica mixtures are finished filler mixtures from different SILIGRAN® granulations and SILVERBOND® silica flour.

 We produce SILIMIX® mixtures with glass beads, barites, COLOURQUARZ® (SILIMIX COLOR®) or other mineral granular or powdered additives in accordance to specific customer demands.

We produce special mixtures for the ceramic industry (ceramic mixtures), dry ready-mixed mortar for chemical construction building industry as well as toll mixtures according to specific customer requests, recipes and packing requests.

Some pictures of SILIMIX®

Some of the SILIMIX® mixtures grading curves were developed in accordance to the Fuller-curve for compact grain packing. In cooperation with leading resin formulators and manufactures we developed custom-made recipes for the proper type of resin.

Some application recommendations:

SILIMIX-Typegranulation rangeapplication range
SILIMIX Nr. 1000 - 0.25grounding filler
SILIMIX Nr. 2600 - 0.5 mmgrounding filler
SILIMIX Nr. 2700 - 1.2 mmliquid-compact mortar
SILIMIX Nr. 2510.1 - 2.0 mmlean mortar from 6 mm of layer strength
SILIMIX Nr. 3090.1 - 2.0 mmliquid-compact mortar
SILIMIX Nr. 2710.1 - 3.0 mmsynthetic resin bounded soils from 8 mm layer thickness
SILIMIX Nr. 2820 - 4.0 mmliquid-compact mortar
SILIMIX Nr. 2610 - 5.6 mmgrouting mortar from 15 mm of layer strength
SILIMIX Nr. 9280 - 0.355fine filler with hollow ceramic spheres



Mixtures with quartz flour content

All SILIMIX mixtures with a proportion of quartz flours may potentially be subject to the labelling requirement of STOT RE 2. Relevant information can be found on the relevant label and in the safety data sheet.

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