EUROQUARZ produces and delivers quartz granulations, quartz flour, coloured quartz and mixed products e.g. dry mortar or special concrete. In view of product quality, sales advisory service and delivery service EUROQAUARTZ is one of the leading companies in Germany and Europe.

Know how of EUROQUARZ is founded by the know how of the permanent trained EUROQUARZ employees, and modern production facilities.

  • We reach maximum satisfaction of our customers in view of product quality, efficiency, reliability and competent advice.
  • We assure the long time availability of raw material to our customers.  

Mineral raw materials are a gift of nature. EUROQUARZ treats these resources with respect because they are limited. Our attention is to maintain the availability of mineral raw materials for further generations.


Silica sand and quartz gravel do not derogate the environmental. Never the lass the employees of EUROQUARZ know that during the mining and the treatment of quartz there is an effect to the environmental.


In order to minimize these effects every year the following measures are done: 

  • an ecobalance is set up year by year with the relevant environmental data,
  • the changes of the special data are compared benchmark each year,
  • year by year new targets with decreasing environmental effects are specified,
  • the relevant legal regulations are strictly adhered.

Open communication to employees, public authorities and publicity is an important part of EUROQUARZ.


We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and also validated by EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme). The approbiate employer's liability insurance association certifies EUROQUARZ security management.


EUROQUARZ employees are a lot of professions and 16 trainees.