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From the arrival of your order, we take care so the goods arrive at the specified time at the application site or your warehouse. Together with our forwarding partners we undertake the transportation logistics for you.

loosely - in the silo or tipper

whether bagged or in big bags

whether trucks with liftgate or forklift

whether general cargo, partial or complete loads

whether German domestic, European or international seafreight

we will find a solution!

Great experiences create trust

For decades EUROQUARZ working with carriers, who are very familiar with our materials and the requirements of our customers.
We place our focus on reliability, punctuality and flexibility. Our current partners have proved themselves in these areas more than once.
Since all our partners our plant in Dorsten daily, sometimes several times, approach, short term deliveries are negotiable and depending on quantity and distance possible.

From the cradle to the ...

From loading until it reaches the point of use, we have an overview of where the goods are currently located and are able to provide information on any time.
If desired, the driver indicated that they will arrive at the time you specify, so that the discharge expires on site without wasting time and smoothly.

specific knowledge

Particularly in the delivery of loose AQUA GRAN filter quartz for outdoor and indoor pools, water plants, sewage treatment plants etc. is a special procedure for the gentle blowing of the material applied.

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