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Recommendations for the storage of dried silica sand and quartz gravel

Although dried quartz granulations are not that sensitive the storage of the product requires certain care. This is necessary especially for applications which require the original dryness.


Dried quartz granulations have to be protected in any case against humidity. If quartz granulations have to be stored outside for a short time, the place has to be shady and protected against rain.


Storage in a dry, well ventilated hall without large variations in temperature is best.

Quartz granulations in silo

If the temperature of the gravel is below the dew point into the silo it can cause humidity, because of water condensation. The water condensation results from the slight humidity air which is in the space area over the bulk material and in the air that is included between the sand or gravel particles. In order to avoid condensation in the silo we suggest the following measures:

  • set up the silo at a shady place (e.g. at the north side of a building), thus strong variations in temperature are avoided,
  • Silo fully filled, thus the enclosed air volume is minimized,
  • aim at generally short storage times.

Quartz granulations in paper bags

We tape the pallets with shrink foil or use shrink caps for transport lock. It keeps out humidity from ambient air. SILIMIX products are packed into paper bags with PE inlay and protected with shrink caps. Additional we offer an extra PE foil placed on the pallet downside the bags in order to prevent water penetration from the flour.

Quartz granulations in PE bags

PE bags are not as sensitive to humidity as paper bags. Head sealed PE bags are better closed; therefore we mostly use this type of PE-bags. By using PE valve bags humidity is able to penetrate through the valve. All PE bags are perforated so that the air which comes in during the filling can escape. For transport lock we tape the pallets with shrink foils or use shrink caps.


Change of temperature e.g. by weather envelope, sun exposure or day night change can cause condensation of humidity inside the bags. PE bags are not UV resistible and decompose during long continuous exposure to the sun.


Therefore also storing quartz granulations in PE bags in a dry and well ventilated hall is best. In this way the dew point will not underlined.

Quartz granulations in Big Bags

Big bags are not closed because they consist of polyester tissue. Humidity is able to penetrate the tissue and also through the filling hole. Big bags must be absolutely protected against rain and wetness. This is necessary especial for applications which requires the original degree of dryness.


We offer big-bags with PE-foil-inliner, this protects the product from contact with the tissue. It is possible to close the inliner at the filling hole, so penetration of humidity is nearly impossible. Despite of the inliner the dew point problem further exists. If there is a change in the temperature probably humidity will condensate inside the bags. Change of temperature is possible e.g. by weather envelope, sun exposure or day night change


On requirement quartz granulations are delivered in big-bags also with a shrinking cap.

Disposal of the bundles

For the disposal of the paper bags we are associated to REPASACK society for the utilization of used paper bags ltd., Wiesbaden. The PE foils and/or shrinking caps are by the Rigk GmbH, Wiesbaden, to dispose. The addresses of disposal companies near you, you can get from REPASACK under the fax number 0049 611 52 85 18 and/or through click on under the column “acceptance places”.



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