AQUALIN® is used especially for multi-layer filtration. For multi-layer filtration different sizes of AQUALIN® are used in combination with AQUAGRAN® filter quartz. The coarser filter coal will be on top and the fine filter quartz below.

AQUAGRAN® filter quartz and AQUALIN® filter coal are both natural materials. The quartz gravel is clearly washed, exactly classified and not stone-broken.


AQUALIN® is natural lignite which is broken, clearly washed, thermally processed and classified.


AQUALIN® possesses about a relative hardness.


  • optimal for multi-layer filtration because of the low bulk density
  • used for multi-layer filtration, AQUALIN® provokes a long durability of the filter
  • AQUALIN® is chemically pure carbon with a rate of more than 90 %, because of that there is no release of silica acid to the water
  • no adhesion of deposited iron and manganese compounds, because of the specific chemo-physical surface

Available sizes:

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