Poultry Grit AVESGRAN®

Poultry Grit from EUROQUARZ


AVESGRAN® -Poultry grit

  • Produced in accordance with GMP +
  • registration at LANUV as feed materials producer
  • listing in the QS whitelist
  • Improves animal welfare
  • Promotes feed utilization. Ensures more income from the poultry farming!

 AVESGRAN® for poultry farming and breeding is poultry grit from EUROQUARZ. Since over 100 years EUROQUARZ extracts and classify high-quality poultry grit with a high concentration of quarz from nature sources. As one of the first producer EUROQUARZ produces poultry grit as standard of animal feedstuff.


Since 2013 Poultry Grit of EUROQUARZ subject  the feed regulation and is therefore produced in accordance with GMP+. AVESGRAN® of EUROQUARZ corresponds to that required in the positive list QS quality and is produced according to one of the world's leading standards (GMP +) to ensure feed safety at all levels of the feed chain.


EUROQUARZ is registered as a feed operation at the State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine-Westphalia (LANUV) and is therefore subject to regular and unannounced inspections by this office. In order that the feed safety is assured.


More animal welfare – More success for the owner

As insoluble, granulator feed additive the unbroken AVESGRAN® quartz grains serve as gastric stones. Thus supported AVESGRAN® the grinding function in digestion. Moreover, it makes a lasting contribution to the welfare of the animals, since it complies with the natural urge to hold stomach gravel.

Stomach gravel, although in well digested feed not essential for digestion. As animal welfare guarantor of proper grit is still urgently needed: The Grit receiving busy and calms the animals stomach stones conveying the feed efficiency, the welfare of the birds increases their breeding.

Poultry grit of EUROQUARZ convinced for decades poultry at home and abroad. Use the new, certified AVESGRAN® of EUROQUARZ. Ensure more income from the poultry farming.