Swimming pool / wading pool

For the treatment of swimming pool water AQUAGRAN® is sized according to DIN 19643.


AQUAGRAN®  is natural silica sand and quartz gravel:


  • with rounded off edges
  • free of organic impurities
  • produced on state-of-the-art production facilities

A lot of open air bath and indoor swimming pools as well as spas and therapeutic hospitals are trusting in the high quality of AQUAGRAN®.


The very exact classified granulations allow optimal construction of filter aggregates. With AQUACOLOR® the filter will be able to remote all hard impurities and degradation products of chlorination. AQUAGRAN® filter gravel is extremely hard so that it’s possible to do a regular backward flushing for a lot of years. The filter gravel has got a long durability.


Within the treatment of the swimming pool water AQUAGRAN® is often combined with filter coal.


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