CHLORAMIN EX® is special filter coal. The raw material is an anthracite coal. CHLORAMIN EX® is especially developed for the treatment of swimming pool water in order to eliminate combined chlorine, tri-halogen-methane and AOX. The degeneration takes place by inclusion and in a catalytic pyrolysis.


CHLORAMIN EX® is thermal treated filter coal on a carbon basis (feedstock anthracite). The hydraulically characteristics (backwashing, expansion of the coal lay) are similar to them of AQUAZIT®. Thus the existing installation is normally able to work with the new filter material. The special characteristics allow a decreasing rate of harmful compounds.

Application range:

Unrequested chemical compounds arise during the disinfection of swimming pool water because the chlorine reacts with the carbon- and nitrogen-compounds which are brought in by bathers. In the last few years impurities are brought in more and more by polluted fill-up water. These emerging degeneration compounds are tri-halogen-methane and chloramines which are responsible for the strong odour of chlorine in the bath and which irritate the connective tissue of the eyes. CHLORAMIN EX® is a solution when the available technical equipment is not able to degenerate these compounds. CHLORAMIN EX® is a good alternative to filter materials such as powder, activated carbon or ozone.


The typical range of application of CHLORAMIN EX® is the mono- and multi-layer filtration. The pH range is between 6 and 10.

Advantages in the overview

  • wexplicit less values of tri-halogen-methane according to DIN 19643 (April 1997)
  • it is possible to use the existing installations
  • easy handling
  • minimum pressure lost because of the special granulation and grading curve
  • no disposal of brown iron compounds
  • no water elutriation
  • less need of fresh water
  • less operating costs
  • longer durability
  • long-lasting improvement of the air inside the indoor swimming pools