AQUAZIT® is used for open and closed fast filters to clean the water which is contaminated with suspended solids. Numerous advantages are:


  • advancement of filter capacity
  • less problems with broke through filters
  • decreasing clear water consumption
  • increasing the filter speed
  • extend filter life time

Application range:

  • drinking water treatment
  • industrial water treatment
  • waste water clearing
  • swimming and wadding pool water treatment

Overview about the advantages:

The raw material of AQUAZIT® (anthracite coal) has by nature all properties which makes it perfect for water filtration:

  • high abrasion resistance
  • high bulk density
  • high batch work velocity without washout loss
  • optimum separation of filter layers during backwashing
  • good discharge of impurities with a high bulk density
  • less curing of particles because of the smooth surface
  • no adhesion of deposited iron and manganese compounds
  • no release of silica acid to the water
  • fully effective between pH 3 and pH 12
  • higher capacity of solid particles
  • less pressure drop
  • less starting filter resistance
  • longer filter life time
  • higher filter speed
  • better filtration quality
  • less rear flushing frequency
  • less need of filter volume
  • saving operational costs

Available grain size:

See product page: AQUAZIT®