Building of wells

For the building of wells AQUAGRAN® is produced according to DIN 4924.

AQUAGRAN® is natural silica sand and quartz gravel:



  • rounded off edges
  • free of organic impurities
  •  produced on state-of-the-art production facilities


Application range amongst others:


  • dug well 
  • driven well
  • drill well
  • horizontal filter well

AQUAGRAN® is an important condition for the quality and for the durability of wells.

At home and abroad AQUAGRAN® is often used for: Wells for the local water supply, for the agriculture, for the industry as well as the horticulture.


In many water-poor areas of the earth large wells are indispensable for the supply of the population with water. Because of that AQUAGRAN® is used e.g. in wells in Libya and Algeria.

Available sizes:

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