Introduction of pool water treatment

As described in the accompanying texts, by far the most important use of water is as food. Water is often underestimated for the purpose of producing good hygienic conditions, particularly in the sanitary sector, for agricultural purposes, as well as in the energy industry.


Apart from these existential uses, there is also the need for swimming pool water, especially in the industrializations. In Germany, there are around 7,000 swimming pools, with visitors of about 250 million per calendar year. About half of the public pools are open air swimming pools.


Even in many "developing countries" the importance should not be underestimated as it plays a major role in tourist regions - because no one wants to get sick during holidays. Swimming is rightly considered an extremely health-promoting activity, which can be exercised with pleasure in almost every age class.


First of all terms should be defined. Like in many areas in Germany - even in terms of language - there is a very clear distinction between swimming water (meaning water in sports facilities) and bathing water (water, for example, in leisure baths). Apart from many other products and processes, filter materials are also required for processing. The German version of DIN 19643 (preparation of swimming pool and swimming pool water) and its European supplement EN 15798 (products for the treatment of swimming pool water - Filter media) regulate the details. In the English, only the term "swimming pool water" is used.

What types of swimming pools are common?

The rules and regulations define a wide range of different types of pools, which serve a variety of different purposes and have to satisfy some special requirements:


-        Jumping pools

-        Swimming pools

-        Vario pools

-        swimming pool with artificial waves

-        Non-swimmer pools

-        Wading pool

-        Flume pools

-        Mini pools

-        Moving pools

-        Rehabilitations pools

-        Stride pools

-        Hot whirl pool

-        Cold water pools