Drinking water treatment

In Germany most of the water is produced out of wells obtained with quartz gravel pack and processed later to drinking water or swimming pool water. The goal of any water treatment is to obtain a preferably particle and germ-free water. Included suspended particles always carry the risk that individual germs attach on it and multiply there. The use of especially classified quartz granulations with a very high quality standard is essential. AQUAGRAN® and the additional water treatment products offered by EUROQUARZ (AQUAZIT®, AQUALIN® and AQUARBO®) meet all the requirements to a high degree


In Germany and Europe are rules and requirements of filter granules are established for example in the following regulations:


  • EN 12904                   Products used for treatment of water intended for human consumption
                                               - Silica sand and silica gravel
  • DIN EN 15798       Treatment of water of swimming pools and baths
    DIN 19643                 
  • DIN 4924                Sand and gravels for well construction - Requirements and testing


The regulations shown have the task to define all technical requirements for the preparation materials to achieve on the one hand, a comparable  standard and on the other hand to exclude unsuitable materials .


Procedural descriptions are not part of the regulations. The task to describe the procedures and instructions for handling the processing materials.

In Germany, procedures for handling the processing of materials is covered through other regulations for example in the worksheets of DVGW (association for gas and water).


please see further  "Filtration principles"



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